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Investing in long term sustainable businesses

Chawton Global Investors is an independent boutique investment manager.  Our investment philosophy builds on the lessons and tenets of great historical investors Ben Graham and Warren Buffett. We seek like-minded investors so that our interests are aligned. We have an ultimate objective of delivering a growing income stream. 

'  The risk of paying too high a price for good quality stocks - while a real one - is not the chief hazard confronting the average buyer of a security...the chief losses to investors come from the purchase of low quality securities at times of favourable business conditions. '
Ben Graham

TB Chawton Global Equity Income Fund Factsheet: Here.

Please refer to risk warnings and regulatory information: Here.

How to Invest

Chawton Global's fund is an OEIC and is suitable to include in stocks and shares ISAs and SIPPs. 

You can invest by visiting T. Bailey Fund Services: here or by calling them on 0115 988 8200.

The fund is also available on the following platforms:

  • Hargreaves Lansdown:  here
  • Alliance Trust Savings:  here
  • Aegon Retirement Choices: here
  • Transact: here
  • Barclays Wealth: here
  • AJ Bell: here

Contact us to discuss your investment opportunities